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Most spots and stains end up as an oops! They may be everything from apple juice, red wine, to pet urine. Not to fear! They can be removed! It seems that in every household, there’s at least one person who leaves behind a trail of stains and spots like a path of gingerbread crumbs: the home handyman who scatters grease spots from garage to attic, the toddler who expresses independence by painting with peanut butter on the wallpaper; the enthusiastic cook who splatters spaghetti sauce from ceiling to carpet; the new puppy that pointedly demonstrates its need for house-training. Sometimes it seems amazing that we don’t have to clean the carpet in our homes more than we do state Montreal cleaning services

We wash our clothes after only one day of wear, yet we walk on our carpet year after year, vacuuming it once a week and only cleaning it with any form of water and soap a few times a year at most.

Identify & Treat the spot

Generally, stains can be divided into three types; greasy, non-greasy, & combination. The more you know about what made the spot or stain, the more likely you are to treat it appropriately. This means you have a better chance to remove it, plus you are less likely to set it further by using the wrong treatment. When in doubt, rinse or soak in cold water before treating or laundering. Once the juice stain has been exposed to air, the sugar oxidizes and leaves an invisible stain, which ultimately turns yellow or brown.

The stain never left … it was there all along. The sooner you attack the spot, the easier it is to remove expresses Cleaning Services Menage Total. Get into the habit of checking freshly washed wet clothes for stains that don’t wash away. Instead of drying them, pretreat the stains and wash them again. Drying can permanently set the stains. Pretreating a stain before it is dried or set increases your chances for removing it.

Use a prewash stain remover, liquid laundry detergent, or a paste made from a powdered laundry detergent and a little water. Test for colorfastness by pretreating a seam or other inconspicuous area. Old stains rarely fade away but it’s possible!

Handling the Spot

Menage Total  professionals will know how to tackle all your spots and stains. Handle stained items gently. Rubbing, folding, wringing, or squeezing can cause the stain to penetrate more deeply and may damage delicate fibers. Avoid using heat. Don’t use hot water on stains, don’t dry stained articles with heat, and never iron stained fabrics. Heat can make a stain impossible to remove.

Pretest any stain-removing agent. Follow directions to the letter. Read all the manufacturer’s directions on the product container. If you make your own cleaning supplies, be sure you’re using the proper ingredients and that you are using the cleaning agent exactly as described. Follow directions to the letter. Read all the manufacturer’s directions on the product container.

If you make your own cleaning supplies, be sure you’re using the proper ingredients and that you are using the cleaning agent exactly as described. To remedy, treat even those light stains you can’t see immediately before they dry. Wash it away! After treating a stain, launder the complete garment to remove any residue left from the stain or stain remover.

Pet Odors

Pet Odors

Living with a dog doesn’t mean your house has to look and smell like a dog house. Pet odor caused by urine or feces is one of the toughest deodorizing problems you will face. The stain from the problem is only a small part of the dilemma. Unless you completely deodorize the area where the pet accident occurred, the animal, especially cats, will return to the spot and re-soil it. You need to find which areas are soiled, and then re-train your pet to avoid eliminating in those areas. And to do that, you’ll have to clean those areas, and clean them well. Make the “accident zone” unattractive and/or unavailable to your pet and the appropriate “bathroom” area attractive as a way to retrain your pet.

Then use positive reinforcement techniques to show him the appropriate place to eliminate. Baking soda is a miracle when it comes to getting rid of pet odors states Menage Total. Sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for a couple of house and vacuum. You’ll notice the room smells much, much better. For a quick, easy, and cheap air freshener that really works: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray. The baking soda absorbs the odor.

You can also add a couple drops of essential oils, vanilla extract, or even cinnamon for variety. Another quick way to keep your house from smelling like a kennel is to spray vinegar into the air. As the vinegar smell goes away so does the doggie odor. Soak up as much of the urine as possible with a combination of newspaper and paper towels. The more fresh urine you can remove before it dries, especially from carpet, the easier it will be to remove the odor. Place a thick layer of paper towels on the wet spot, and cover that with a thick layer of newspaper.

If possible, put newspaper under the soiled area as well. Stand on this padding for about a minute. Remove the padding, and repeat the process until the area is barely damp.

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